Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help

Here are some helpful tips when asking for help in indentifying your baby.

  1. If the pairing is known, list parents.
  1. use natural lighting if posssible. harsh lighting can bleach out the animal making identification harder.
  1. Get a full body shot from top and side if trying to identify Super-Stripe Complex.
    example of side pic

    • In focus pics are a huge help.
  2. If asking for help identifying a clutch, please provide pictures of the whole clutch together if possible.

Examples of perfect ID requests:

4th clutch ID help

4 similar siblings - help with identification


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It would be great if someone created threads like this for geckos :wink::wink:


Annnnnnddd done :lizard:


That was fast!
Your a :star2:


With hatchlings, are pictures best as soon as they hatch or after the first shed.

After the first shed. That’s when their actual colors start to come through and show.


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